Wanna be your own boss?

We’re Gutsy, Ambitious and willing to take risks: Welcome to the world of the 2016 Entrepreneurs.

I have an idea…

New studies show it takes new university graduates an average of five years to find full-time employment, so it’s really no wonder we’re more determined than ever to create our own jobs – and the technology is at our fingertips.

Having your phone as an extension of yourself doesn’t just help your social life – being this connected to the world means you can stay switched on to your new business 24/7.

New techy super – skills now help write business plans, market the bejesus out of your business and make you money.

But everyone needs a bit of guidance, these people are Entrepreneurial genius.

So here’s to getting your new business of the ground, from the idea (that bit we can’t help you with) to making your first profit.

Stop by for a visit today this link


Or email soniaskerten@yahoo.com


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