Where an item is of collectible interest or appreciating value, it’s important to arm yourself with as much information about it to ensure potential buyers are assured they are buying a genuine product. If possible, look at the same items for sale elsewhere and find the features that are highlighted in the description. Does it help to have the original packaging or specific accessories? Are there any serial numbers or manufacturer’s markings that signify a genuine item? Can you obtain any information from a collector or auction house to confirm a product is genuine and collectible?


If you can find items already selling that are similar to what you have to sell, it’s worth spending a few days watching the auctions. Look at the history of the bidding to see whether all the bids are placed at the very end of the auction. See how many different bids are made and, although you won’t be able to see who bids, you can see the number of people bidding.

An item can be watched on eBay by selecting it from the results listing, then click on the button labelled ‘Add to watch list’. You may get an Email from the seller at a fixed price offer and can decide to buy or not.


Selling an artificial Christmas tree during summer isn’t going to be as easy as selling it during the weeks leading up to 25 December. Whilst some goods are in greater demand according to the season and weather, it may be less easy to determine the best time to sell others. Expensive items that are not obvious gifts may be easier to sell if you avoid times of the year when most people have large expenditure to outlay, such as around and after Christmas and during July and August, when many people are on holiday.



One of the simplest ways of making money on the internet is to advertise and sell unwanted items. But how much should you sell them for, when should you sell, how will the items be delivered or collected and who will buy them? The following may help answer some these questions.


Before the Internet, unwanted items were usually sold by placing an advertisement in the classified-ads section of the local newspaper, or by sticking a postcard-sized notice in the window of the post office or news agent, or on the noticeboard of the local community centre. The Internet has opened up a whole new market (a global one in some cases) and created a potentially vast audience of buyers. However, the first concern before you start selling, is listing the goods that you want to sell. If you have cleaned out your closet or cleared the back shed and have an assortment of unwanted items, note down exact, details and don’t sell them yet. First, it’s important to determine their potential value and work out the best way of selling them, giving thought to whether they can be delivered or collected.

Honesty pays. If you are trying to sell something that is defective, such as a bike with a broken chain, make sure potential buyers are aware of this.


The starting point of selling items is to arm yourself with plenty of information and knowledge about the best ways and best times to sell. Speak to any experienced market trader or shop owner and they will know what type of stock sells well at particular times of the year, who their customers are, and what prices these customers are willing to pay.


Deciding on the price you want to sell an item for isn’t always easy. You may have paid a reasonable price for a bicycle five years ago, but it may only be worth a tenth of the value now. The easiest way to fix on a price is to look for similar items that have sold and find out how much they sold for. Websites such as Ebay allow you to search for items that have been sold by selecting ‘Completed listings’ down the left side of the screen. It’s also helpful to look for similar items that you are currently for sale to help determine whether you should sell on the same website at a cheaper price.


Sometimes, second-hand prices of equivalents may not be available, so it might prove difficult to ascertain a reasonable selling price. If this is the case, find out if the item is still available to purchase brand new and how much it sells for. In many situations, sellers calculate the second-hand price as around 50% of the brand new price, but check for versions, editions and updates, which may affect the value of your item. For instance, a first edition of a book is usually worth more than a later edition.


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There are numerous indirect activities on the internet which help to contribute towards making money, and many of these are covered in this book. Blogs, posting comments on forums, broadcasting videos, Tweeting and having a presence on Facebook can all raise your profile or the profile of your business and help to point potential customers in the right direction. In many cases, it is these activities that provide the key to success and often require time and commitment.


There are plenty of books, courses and websites promising the secrets that will enable you to unlock the key to becoming a millionaire from seemingly very little effort. And this information is nothing like that, but it does offer practical advice about numerous money-making methods that could generate a significant amount of income from the internet. Whether you want to have a go at selling some items on eBay, or start to develop a comprehensive website with affiliate advertising, social networking links and sophisticated marketing tools, and provides many of the resources and practical information to guide you through what’s involved.



The internet is a worldwide market that originated in the latter half of the twentieth century. For many people and businesses, it became a serious method of making money during the beginning of the twenty-first century. It has envolved with numerous ways of making money, some that can potentially make you rich and others that will create a small amount of extra income. Lets explore the popular methods of making money from the internet, showing you what’s involved.


There are seemingly an infinite number of ideas for making money via the internet, and you don’t have to trawl very many web pages before you’re presented with money-making schemes, success stories and courses and books that promise to tell you how to become a millionaire from a few simple clicks of your mouse. However, it’s not always as easy as it sounds and many ideas are saturated with many people trying their hand. Making money from the internet requires a realistic approach. Using some advice and resources that I will outline, you can start off creating some extra income and work on bigger plans as you learn new skills and find better opportunities.


The ways to make money from the internet generally centre around two traditional activities – selling and advertising. These are the staple money-making resources of most media businesses, including newspapers and television programmes. In the case of the internet, the subjects of selling and advertising have numerous off-shoots, but these are the main core business activities that can generate income. Selling can involve goods that are sold through a variety of websites (eBay, Amazon, Classifieds, or your own website), but the goods can range from real-life objects to virtual items, such as e-books or app for a mobile device. The same can apply to advertising, where commission can be generated on sales or money earned via click-throughs.


The internet has generated a wide range of money-making ideas that don’t exist in the real world. For instance, you can buy an image and display it on your mobile phone, or you can buy an e-book and read it on a kindle, smartphone or computer. Many of these vitual products and methods of making money we will explore with more clear information on how you can earn money yourself.


If you want to make a lot of money from the internet, there is one aspect above all that needs to be successful – marketing. Whether you’re running a website, selling stuff via eBay or writing a blog, the key to success is to make sure you draw lots of attention. The various methods of promotion via the internet are clearly outlined, as it is one of the key elements of success.



The nature of modern communication has opened up a host of opportunities. In generations past, products and services were created, provided and consumed within a local area. People often didn’t travel more than a few miles, even important and life changing information and news travelled slowly. Now even a simple family moment can be seen by hundreds of millions of people.

Charlie and Harry’s video is a simple, innocent family moment which has caught the imagination and interest of people all over the planet. This was never our intention. However, due to our success it has opened up a source of income.

Thanks to the internet, any individual can now access anyone, anywhere in the world who could be a potential consumer of their products or service, regardless of location, currency or even language. This still relatively recent revolution in communications is especially exciting if you have something unique which can only achieve its money making potential by reaching such a large and diverse audience. Of course it’s not just about selling: if you have an internet or skill that draws people to your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter feeds etc, advertisers will pay to advertise alongside. There are many ways to generate income.

They where lucky. Something they made and shared quite freely became a world wide phenomenon. And some have said to me ‘You make your own luck’. While you may only see a short family video, this belies hundreds of hours spent supporting its rise to fame. People from hundreds of countries have bought ‘Charlie Bit Me T-shirts.

The point is that, even as an individual, you have the power to achieve your goals by embracing opportunities that come along and making the most of what you have. Is this story repeatable? Who knows, but all the tools are available to help you realize your dreams and ‘make your own luck.

Creator of ‘Charlie Bit Me’ Youtube hit.