Fourteen-Day Adrenal Support Meal Plan.

DAY 11.

PRE-BREAKFAST  (optional) : Protein Power drink.

BREAKFAST : Sirloin  steak with 1/3 cup hash-browned potatoes fried in butter or coconut butter. Hot herbal tea.

SNACK : Nancy Deville’s Favourite Devilled Eggs.  Ten cherries.

LUNCH : Cottage Cheese and Chopped Vegetable Salad.

SNACK : Guacamole-homemade or from the health food store deli-with carrot and celery sticks. Or protein power drink.

DINNER : Grilled steak with Horseradish Sauce. One-half potato cut into wedges, dredged in extra virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary, and baked until crisp. Cucumber and tomato salad with Creamy Cucumber Marinade.

GRANDMOTHER’S SNACK FOR INSOMNIACS : 1/2 cup warmed raw milk. One-quarter apple with 1 Tsp almond butter.


DAY 12.

PRE-BREAKFAST : Protein power drinks.

BREAKFAST : One piece of French toast made with cream and beaten egg and fried in butter or coconut butter-dusted with cinnamon for sweetness. Scrambled eggs. Hot herbal tea.

SNACKS : Two fish-of-choice sushi rolls-from your health food store deli.

LUNCH : Cottage Cheese Salad with Chopped Vegetables. 1/4 cup fresh pineapple. Iced herbal tea.

DINNER : Mediterranean Shrimp. 1/3 cup brown rice with butter. Green salad with Basic Dressing. Iced herbal tea.

GRANDMOTHER’S SNACK FOR INSOMNIACS : 1/2 cup whole plain yogurt (cow or goat) with one-quarter sliced banana.



PRE-BREAKFAST (optional) : Protein power drinks.

BREAKFAST : Spinach and mushroom omelette. Sliced tomatoes. One-half grapefruit. Detox tea.

SNACK : Beiler’s Broth.

LUNCH : High Enzyme Salad. 1/3 cup hummus with carrot and bell pepper sticks.

SNACK : 1/4 cup Dr. Hanley’s Alkalinizing Trail Mix.

DINNER : Simple Lemon-Roasted Chicken. 1/2 cup turnips with butter- roast turnips with chicken. Salad of sliced bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers with Basic Dressing. 1 ounce fruit juice in sparkling water.

GRANDMOTHER’S SNACK FOR INSOMNIACS : 1/2 cup warmed raw milk. One-quarter apple with 1Tsp cashew butter.



PRE-BREAKFAST (optional) : Protein power drink.  

BREAKFAST : Open-faced breakfast sandwich made with one piece of whole grain low-carbohydrate toast topped with 1 tablespoon cream cheese, 2 slices nitrate-free Black Forest ham, and two poached eggs. Hot herbal tea.

SNACK :  1/2 cup cottage cheese. One-half pear.

LUNCH : Nancy Deville’s Alkalinizing Tomato Soup. Grilled nitrate-free turkey sausages. 3/4 cup sliced blueberries with sweetened whipped cream or sweetened with a small amount of stevia. Iced herbal tea with lemon slices.

SNACK : Protein power drink.

DINNER : Broiled sea bass with Cilantro Marinade. 1/3 cup wild rice with butter. California Coleslaw with dressing. Iced herbal tea.

GRANDMOTHER’S SNACK FOR INSOMNIACS : 1/3 cup whole plain yogurt. 1/8 cup walnuts.