If you find yourself saying ‘I am so tired’ all the time, then this is for you. If life has become a grind some days, then this is for you. If you, want to have a fuller, happier, more connected, vital life, then this is for you. If you have dark circles under your eyes that even concealer can’t disguise, then this is for you. But I also got myself back.

I am not a doctor and I am not a natural-health practitioner. I am a smart, high-achieving professional women who got very, very tired indeed, just through living everyday life. I am not some sad ‘loser’ who couldn’t handle the pressure, and it’s not a sign of weakness to get fatigue. Having exhausted every option the medical profession had to understand my continual exhaustion, I figured out myself that I had adrenal fatigue, which doesn’t show up in blood tests because it’s not what the standard tests are calibrated for. Adrenal fatigue is widely under-diagnosed: so many people are pushing through each day with another espresso, not realising their is something that can be done. I figured out a process to get my health and energy back. Now I have energy to burn! And you have the secrets I learned.

This is a toolkit you can use  to get your energy and vitality back. I want you to feel extraordinary energy, so your partner and/or kids can barely keep up with you! I want spontaneous laughter, adventure and fun to fill your outrageously energetic life. Let’s get started.



We all just want to be happy, don’t we? We’ll, the key to a happy life is creating an energetic one first. Everything starts with energy. Energy is the foundation on which the house of happiness rests. Striving for happiness without first addressing our energy levels is equivalent to building a house on sand.

Without energy, vitality and good health we have nothing. I know this first-hand. We can all have a happy life lived with passion, purpose and energy. We just need to know how to generate energy and happiness from the inside. I believe that tiredness and ‘pushing through’ have become normalised in our society in a way that is harmful (it’s no coincidence that the number of coffee stores has increased as our levels of tiredness and stress have increased!). Feeling tired all the time is not normal at all, and it’s not acceptable. It’s something we can absolutely do something about, primarily by changing the way we think.

This is a mind-body-spirit energy recovering programme and it’s unique. It’s how my I got my energy back, and it’s what I did to regain my mojo and create a life I love. It’s a blend a life-coaching smarts and Eastern insight, which addresses destructive thought patterns that are draining your energy. We will essentially be upgrading your thought software from ‘Beliefs and Thoughts 1.0′ to a much more  up-to-date, less buggy and smoother running operating system: Beliefs and Thoughts 2.0’! And we’ll combine this with some Eastern wisdom: yogic techniques that are thousands of years old liberate energy within the body. There will also be some simple food and diet that were a key component in my recovery.


Studies   have proven that regular moderate exercise improves job performance. In one study, commercial real estate brokers participated in an aerobics training program for twelve weeks. They earned greater sales commissions during and after the training program than brokers who did not take part in the program.

Physically active people also process date faster. If you remain physically active, as you age you will experience a slower decline in your mental ability and speed at processing information.


Sleep disturbances                               Foggy thinking

Unchecked accumulation of                 Decreased sex drive

environmental toxins in body               Decline in your mental ability

Decreased energy and vitality             to process information

Decreased decision-making                Weight gain

abilities                                                 Increased anxiety, depression

Diminished feelings of                          and tension

well-being                                             Risk for atherosclerotic changes

Fat gain and muscle wasting               of coronary heart disease

Acceleration of the aging process


Deep, restful sleep                                   Enhanced decision-making abilities

Detoxification from environmental           Enhanced feelings of well-being

toxins                                                        Fat loss and muscle building

Ability to quit smoking and                       Greater clarity of mind

other addictions                                        Increased energy and vitality

Increased sex drive                                  Reversed atherosclerotic changes

Less decline in your mental ability           of coronary heart disease and

to process information                             unblocking of arteries

More stable weight                                   Slowing of the aging process

Reduced anxiety, depression,

and tension.




DAY 7.

PRE-BREAKFAST: (optional): Protein power drink.

BREAKFAST: Breakfast sandwich made with scrambled eggs, sliced soy sausages, cheese of your choice, and a sliced tomato on one slice buttered whole grain low-carbohydrate toast. Hot herbal tea.

SNACK: One rice cake topped with sliced cheese of your choice, avocado, and a drizzle of Dr. Hanley’s Alkalinizing Buttermilk Dressing.

LUNCH: Nancy Deville’s Emergency Lounge Day Chicken Soup. 3 wheat melba toasts, or any other cracker made without hydrogenated fat. Iced herbal tea.

SNACK: 1/8 cup walnuts and 1/2 cup berries with unsweetened whipped cream or sweetened with a small amount of stevia.

DINNER: High Enzyme Salad. Grilled turkey patties. Hot herbal tea-detox tea optional.

GRANDMOTHER’S SNACK FOR INSOMNIACS: 1/2 CUP WARMED RAW MILK. One-quarter apple with 1 Tsp almond butter.



1 cup buttermilk                                              3 Tsp lemon juice

1/4 tsp dry mustard                                         1/2 tsp dill

This is an alkalinizing dressing to use on all types of salads.

  • In a blender, blend all ingredients until smooth. Refrigerate 1 hour before serving. Season to taste.

Makes about 1 1/2 cups.


1 cup sprouted sunflower seeds                       4 carrots, peeled and grated

1 cucumber, peeled and finely chopped           1 red pepper, seeded and finely chopped

1 bunch spring onions, finely chopped              2 oz grated cheddar cheese (optional)

3/4 cup Basic Dressing                                      1 avocado, sliced

red lettuce leaves

  • To sprout sunflower seeds, use hulled sunflower seeds purchased in airtight containers. Pour into a bowl and rinse. Rinse twice per day. Sprouts will be ready to eat in 12 to 18 hours. Mix sprouted sunflower seeds, carrots,cucumber, pepper, onions, and cheese with the dressing. Serve on red lettuce leaves and garnish with avocado slices.

Makes 4 servings.


1 whole organic stewing chicken                              4 cups of organic chicken stock

4 celery with leaves chopped                                    1 bunch chopped parsley

3 bay leaves                                                              sea salt, to taste

freshly grounded black pepper, to taste.

  • In a large soup pot, bring whole chicken and stock to a boil. You will not have any foam if the chicken is organic. Otherwise, skim off foam as it collects on the surface. When no more foam appears, add remaining  ingredients, except finely sliced carrots and celery. Reduce heat to low and cook below a simmer, covered for 6 to 8 hours.
  • Remove soup from heat and cool. Strain broth. Discard vegetables, chicken skin, fat, and bones. Shred meat with your fingers and reserve. In the same pot, over medium heat, cook carrots and celery in broth until, about 10 minutes. Add shredded meat, heat to piping hot and serve.

Makes about 8 servings.


The polar opposites of Diehards are the Couch Potatoes. This is not to imply that there are only two types of people when it comes to exercise. Like any other factor of good health, there are many shades of grey-and there are many types of exercisers. I am singling out the Diehards and the Couch Potatoes merely because they have the hardest time making changes.


If you have not been goaded out of your chair by visions of fashion models in magazine articles extolling the virtues of exercise. I am not surprised. It might help inspire you if you understood why regular moderate exercise is critical for life.


When we hold still by sitting in a chair or lying on the couch, we atrophy. In fact, after three days in bed people start to lose muscle. Since muscle mass burns the most energy, when we lose muscle we burn less energy and store more fat. Many years ago a friend made a needlepoint for me that says: “Use it or lose it.” It says the truth so beautifully. When we hold still, we start to disintegrate.

For many, exercise is a great solution for fatigue. Most of us have more pent-up energy than we realize, and that energy must move for our bodies to recharge. A battery’s charge is the separation of the positive and the negative. When a battery loses its charge, or runs down, it means that the positive and the negative are no longer separated. Think of your body as a battery. When  you hold still too long the charge weakens and eventually becomes neutral. When you are physically active, the internal electromagnetic battery of your body is actively recharged.


Being over-weight has been shown to shorten your life. On the other hand, physically fit people are more apt to live longer. If you are interested in losing body fat and feeling more energetic, less exercise is MORE.

In a healthy individual who eats a regular balanced diet, moderate exercise for longer periods of time causes fat burning. When you first begin to exercise, your adrenal glands produce adrenaline, which raises your heart rate and directs the blood flow to the muscles that are working. Adrenaline also releases blood sugar into your bloodstream to generate the initial energy to fuel your muscles. As you continue to exercise moderately, the hormone glucagon is released from your pancreas. Glucagon is the fat-utilizing hormone. During moderate exercise, glucagon releases fat from your fat cells to turn into sugar to burn as fuel. Since your body has sugar to burn, it means that your brain does not have to call on your adrenals to release cortisol to regulate the entire time you are exercising. DHEA also stimulates your body to burn fat for fuel. Switching into fat-burning metabolism releases energy. You will lose body fat and feel more energetic. If you increase the intensity of your exercise without gradual training, your body will switch  into alarm mode and you will not have glucagon production, but you will have increased cortisol. As you know by now, high cortisol leads to muscle wasting, lowered metabolism, and weight gain. The better trained you are,  the further you can go without getting into cortisol production-that is an important aspect of athletic training.

It is important to note that your body needs a regular supply of protein for glucagon production. When you do not eat sufficient protein, your glucagon production will decline. Then when you exercise your brain will be forced to call on cortisol to release blood sugar from your muscles for energy. No fat will be burned.

As we age, our bodies repair more slowly and less effectively. Regular moderate exercise slows the aging process and prolongs your life. When we exercise moderately we stimulate the release of human growth hormone (HGH) from the pituitary, which helps activate all the metabolic and repair system in our body. HGH is the most potent longevity hormone known. HGH accelerates repair of all tissues, stimulates immunity, increases muscle building and fat burning, and therefore gives us more energy.


DAY 6.

PRE-BREAKFAST: (optional): Protein power drink.

BREAKFAST: 1/2 cup cooked rolled oats with butter and 1/4 cup coconut milk. Two soft-boiled eggs. Hot herbal tea.

SNACK: Two crackers- topped with 2 Tsp cream cheese and smoked salmon.

LUNCH: Grilled nitrate-free chicken sausages with Dijon mustard. 1/2 cup of baked yams with butter. California Coleslaw with California Coleslaw Dressing. Iced herbal tea.

SNACK: One-half apple with 2 Tsp aflatoxin-free peanut butter. Or protein power drink.

DINNER: Halibut marinated in Cilantro Pesto and baked. Two small potatoes basted with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with fresh rosemary, and baked. Streamed spinach with butter. Mixed greens salad with Basic Dressing. Iced herbal tea.

GRANDMOTHER’S SNACK FOR INSOMNIACS: Turkey and swiss cheese  roll-up. 2 Tsp raisins.



6 to 8 oz water                                       1 scoop protein powder

2 oz coconut milk                                   1 scoop super green food

1/3 frozen banana                                  1 scoop stabilized rice bran powder

1 tsp to 1 Tsp essential fatty acid           vanilla to taste




1 1/2 Shredded green cabbage                     1 1/2 shredded red cabbage

1 grated carrot                                                3 celery stalks, sliced thin diagonally

1/2 thinly sliced red onion                               1/4 cup chopped parley

California Coleslaw Dressing

  • In a large bowl, toss all ingredients with California Cole Slaw Dressing. Refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving.

Makes 4 side-dish servings.


1/2 cup mayonnaise                                       1 tsp Dijon mustard

1/4 cup red wine vinegar                                 2 Tsp chopped fresh parsley

1/2 tsp celery seed                                          sea salt, to taste

freshly ground black pepper, to taste 

Use on coleslaw or any mixed salad.

  • In a blender, blend all ingredients until smooth; or place ingredients in a jar with tight-fitting lid and shake vigorously until well blended. Taste, and adjust seasonings.

Makes about 3/4 cup.  


2 bunches cilantro chopped with stems removed                 2 Tsp fresh lime juice

1/2 cup roasted and chopped pumpkin seeds                       1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

6 garlic cloves                                                                         1/2 cup olive oil

sea salt, to taste                                                                      freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Serve with grilled fish, chicken, or meat.

  • In a blender, puree all ingredients. Taste and adjust seasoning. Store covered in refrigerator.

Makes about 1 cup.



Over-exercising cannot continue indefinitely without taking a toll on your adrenals and your body. Many factors need to be considered. For example, some people eat well, others eat sugar and junk. Some make time for play and rest, others are workaholics who rarely take time off. In addition to individual habits, everyone is born with his or her own particular genetic predisposition and adrenal reserve. (Adrenal reserve does not mean the amount of adrenal hormones your adrenal glands are capable of producing over a lifetime. Adrenals reserve is the capacity of your glands to continue to meet the demand at any and every given moment.) A person who is born with a healthy adrenal reserve and has good living habits might be able to get away with over-exercising for many years. I think it is safe to say that nearly everyone who reaches the age of forty has burned out some amount of their adrenal reserve. Therefore those, like Grace, who over-exercise past forty will feel the consequences.

If you are a Diehard, start listening to your body. Fatigue and weight gain are clear messages from your body that you are over-doing it. ” Giving up jogging was traumatic,” Grace said. it was big part of my identity. It’s an ego thing. I tried power walking, but I felt like hiding behind a tree when someone jogged by me. When I took up hiking it was a new challenge, but it wasn’t the same as jogging. I started practicing yoga then. I still miss jogging, but now, at fifty, I’m doing handstands, headstands, and backbends-things I couldn’t even do as a child. So I feel that I have a new challenge, and that is something I thrive on. More important, yoga doesn’t  deplete me. I can go into a class feeling run-down and come out feeling energized. It’s the way I felt twenty-five years ago when I got my second wind.”

Grace was surprised that she found an exercise that she liked will much as jogging. There are alternatives to extreme sports that will engender adrenals regeneration that will make you feel better and lose weight, and are likely to make you live longer.

There are exceptions. Over-exercising can be beneficial for those, for example, teenagers and young men, who have more energy than can be easily burned off in our sedentary, technological society. Too much energy can be a setup for trouble, whether it is a nuclear reactor or a flash flood or a human body. Exercise gives these  people a venue for using their energy constructively and pleasurably. But our habits have to change as our bodies change with age.


Cartilage degeneration                                Sick, achy feeling after exercise

cravings for sugar, caffeine, and                  Symptoms of hypoglycaemia such as foggy-headedness,

other stimulants                                            shakiness, irritability, and lack of mental clarity

Fatigue                                                          Weight gain

Insomnia                                                        Muscle wasting

Premature aging