2 cups fine sea salt

4 cups apricot or almond oil

20 drops ( mix lavender, geranium and orange essence oils.)


LIP BALMS. Lip balm $8.00 Badger balm (lavender & orange) $5.60.

                                  Beeswax lip balm $6.95.

                                  Lip shimmer tinted $9.95.

Return 2 health. Manuka honey lip balm $8.60.

                           Sukin nourishing lip treatment $8.40.





I really love Aromatherapy and spent $300.00 learning about Hair Products, Home Made Cleaner and Essential Oils etc. In the last week of working at The Border we had a Wedding to Cater for and that was fun from Geraldine. I used to love going out on a Saturday night for a dance and at the Old Bank Bar and The Sail there always seemed to be a Hen’s or Stag Party going on lots of fun for the girls. I then moved for a new job and a cheap flat because of The Border closing I had to get a new job and wanted a cheaper flat close by.


My flatmate was Maurice, I only new him from The Timaru Cossie Club. Everyone used to complain about his smell all the time and as a women I only date men that have a nice smell that attacts me anyway. He was very lazy and very over weight but he would do anything for you but be clean and go on a diet. Me, Maurice and Errol would go for a drive to Wiamate Club. And have a drink together at The Cossie Club and we once went to a pot luck dinner at The Bay, I made a crock pot fill of Chilli Con Can and that cost me $30.00 not cheap mince. I also made friends there with Tony Atwood who worked at the RSA as a barman. On my birthday I meet Antony at the Doors concept that was on at the Speight’s Ale House it was a good night. I was also getting love letters from some guy named Peter who cried a lot and I never meet.


I made friends with all the locals and went to Karaoke  on Thursdays nights together. And my friend Ross Williams invited me to go on a Car Run lots of fun. He wanted to date me but I only seen him as a friend and nothing else. Some of the workmen we fed sang Blueberry hill at Karaoke and so did I dam funny anyway. Most of the ones that drank at The Border went it was a always a good night. Angie and Bob, Ross and Roger also drank at The town and Country Club we went there from time to time. Sometimes we just went out for lunch or KFC then went for a drink at the RSA also.


Is a Mexican Restaurant I worked for and they sold the business and closed. But while I worked there I learnt Mexican cooking. The entrees where Mexican chilli tomato soup, Seafood chowder, Garlic bread and Shrimp cocktails that where prepared from scratch. Every week I would cook Mexican Mince for the Nacho’s, Burrito’s, Pizza’s, Taco’s and Encilaters. I always had to cook the Honey Soy Lamb Shanks and Gravy Jizz they where very popular. and the BBQ and Sweet Chilli Sauce Pork Spare Ribs most days. I cooked Chicken Boobs for Burrito’s,  Encilaters and Pizza’s and Chicken Wine Rigatoni Sauce and it is Delicious .The Tomato Encilater Sauce and fresh Tomato Salsa and three Pepper Sauce for the Steak. I loved making Home Made Cheesecake and we tried a lot of different flavours. I would start the day refilling the refrigerator ready for service and twice a week ordered the new stock from five different places very time consuming, then when it arrived had to put it all away all this while doing customers and cooking everything ready for service.